Mini Face Lift Procedures in Buffalo & Williamsville, NY

Achieve Facial Rejuvenation Without the Risk of Surgery!

The Quicklift or Minifacelift procedure is designed to provide facial rejuvenation for most individuals without the significant risks and down time of a full face lift.

The Quicklift takes about an hour and is usually done under a local anesthetic with mild sedation. Patients may go home immediately afterward. Healing time is only about a week, and most people return to work within that time. While any facial procedure will produce some swelling and bruising, most of this is gone after 6 to 8 days.

The Quicklift will provide most patients with about 75% of the lifting and rejuvenating effect of a full facelift, at about half the cost, and a quarter of the down time.

This is a very satisfying procedure! Take a look at our Quicklift web site!

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