Facial Contouring Procedures in Buffalo & Williamsville, NY  

Facial contouring shapes and defines facial features for a firmer and more youthful appearance. Facial Contouring can be ideal for those who are unhappy with their profile or key facial features. Facial plastic surgery procedures can lift a saggy neck or double chin, reshape nose, improve the position of protruding ears, and remove deep creases and other signs of aging. Any of the procedures below can help to lift, shape, and revitalize your features.

Thread Lift

In this minimally invasive method, polypropeline threads are used to lift the sagging skin of the face and jowls. The procedure is non-surgical, in comparison with the traditional facelift. Results are immediately visible and the recovery window is short.


Patients seeking rhinoplasty in Buffalo, come to Dr. Cusenz. He will reshape your nose to balance with your other facial characteristics. Rhinoplasty may also help correct inner nasal issues in conjunction with shaping a better profile. This procedure can address the following issues: bumps on bridge of nose, wide or flared nostrils, sagging tip, or off-center or crooked nose.


With incisions that are smaller than the traditional facelift, the Quicklift firms and contours the lower face and upper neck. Loose or sagging skin is made more taught and the appearance of jowls is eliminated. The Quicklift requires only an hour to perform and a week in recovery. Buffalo facial plastic surgery patients may find that the mini-lift targets their troubled areas with a minimally invasive procedure.

Full Face and Neck Lift

A full facelift and necklift improves signs of aging by addressing sagging skin in the midface, lowerface, and neck region by repositioning loose, deep tissue. Creases and wrinkles are remedied and patients often look 10 – 15 years younger as a result. The goal with Face and Neck lift in our Buffalo office is to rejuvenate your natural appearance, not to change the shape of your face or make you appear stiff.


Ear shaping or pinning back repositions protruding ears into a more streamlined position to better compliment the contours of your face. Cartilage and excess skin are removed and the ears are positioned closer to the head. While not limited to children, most otoplasty patients are between 4 – 14 years old, in order to correct protrusion early and limit social and self-image issues. The procedure involves only a small amount of discomfort and recovery time is short.


Improves the look of loose, sagging skin on the upper and or lower eyelids. Bags under eyes contribute to a tired and aged look -- no matter how active you may feel. Rejuvenation of the eye area allows for a rested, refreshed appearance. Drooping fatty deposits are removed and deep creases are smoothed via incisions either in the eye’s natural crease or below the lash line.

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